Euro 2016

Ria Ria Hungária :smiley: May the best win…but not Belgium :stuck_out_tongue:

I seriously hope that Ireland will win!
They have the best supporters!!
Saw only fun video’s from them haha
Cleaning up the streets after a party and singing, The boys in green are going to clean :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately my favorite teams (Belgium and Hungary) played against each other.
You deserved more. I hoped for equalizer at 1:0 for Belgium. The ball just won’t go inside.
Hungary presented some great football just got unlucky.

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Zmajuga A great impovement from the team, 2 or 3 years ago it was hard to watch them. Great improvement but not enough. Next time :stuck_out_tongue: Belgium was better, but that goal difference is a little disappointing, does not show the real power balance between them. In my opinion :smiley:

Not at all. It was an equal game. You just had to go into full attack mode to equalize, as expected, and that’s where defense becomes the weakest link.

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I hope Spain wins - only because that’s who I put down in the iChill FB competition XD

Guys … Footbal is a game of 90 minutes and in the end GERMANY wins :8ball: :smiley:

MeFFFlenn If Germany wins, we all loose… JK I like to talk shit, but my country couldn’t even qualify for the last WC or Olympics, we’s all about the egg ball (Rugby).

Brexit is now complete!


I’m cheering for Iceland. They just won! Go Vikings go \o/


Spain out - there goes my chance at that 1070.

Gotta post this here. Huge respect for this! The others would just burn the stadion or cause a riot. -.-

Portugal, team without a victory in regular game got to semi-finals. FFS. Luck is hard in that team.

Zmajuga The new system FIFA has implemented is complete shit. I was disgusted how bad Portugal was. And Poland made a mistake by not changing that moron Milik. He missed every fucking shot. Poland could’ve won if they had a decent striker. I’m mad XD

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Good game Wales. My last favorite Belgium is out. :smiley:

Yeah baby. Iceland and Wales in Finals!!!

I mean, not yet but wishes xD

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Germany lost. Happiness overload XD

the shittiest euro ever xD