F1 2016 - Hungaroring

Are we ready? :smiley:

ButtStallion Hoping I can get it online

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50 minutes until the start of the Hungary GP



A bit of a snoozer despite the fact 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6 were all close to each other at the end. I enjoy Max as much as the next guy but I feel like that was definitely a two move by him with a few laps left. He seems to have a way of getting away with stuff.

Gonna be interesting to see if Red Bull finishes Germany ahead of Ferrari going into the Summer break.

schlitty Yeah, pretty boring race and Max’s move was obviously against the rules. And I am not only saying this, because i am a Kimi fan :smiley: He can get away with his moves just like Schumacher in the old times :smiley: He can bend the rules :smiley:

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I missed it :frowning: