F1 2016 - Monza

In 14 weeks, 9 races. Intense second half of the season.


From one of my favorite tracks to race in a video game in Spa to one of my least favorite, Monza. Go fast, chicane, go fast, chicane, go fast, chicane… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But that doesn’t mean the real race won’t be fun. I know the Red Bull vs Ferrari race is where the real fun is but I’m starting to really enjoy the Force India vs Williams competition. Force India could really cement their spot ahead of Williams with another good showing this weekend.

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What day is the race?

Sir_diealot on Sunday, 2 pm CET

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Well unless they smash into each other or something it looks like tomorrow will be a 1, 2 for Mercedes. Nice to see Ferrari come through with a better pace than Red Bull at Ferrari’s home track though. They need to keep that competition competitive! I think the podium will be the same as how they just qualified. And I got both Alonso and a Haas sneaking into the top 10.

ButtStallion said in F1 2016 - Monza:

2 pm CET

Thank you.

Being in NZ, following F1 is challenging. Races are midnight to 2am. But Monza is hyped due to the Italian fans pious following, to simple for these machines. Phenomenal event though and would never want to see it disappear. Spa is my favourite, a rhythm track only mastered by the very best.
Hope we see a great mid field fight and perhaps the Ferrari’s and Red Bull’s will interesting.

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Expected results, nothing interesting or entertaining. The Mercedes is still in another league.

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ButtStallion Yeah, I slept in so I missed it live. Worked out that I was able to skim through it at 2x speed! :zzz:

But I didn’t expect anything different really. Red Bull’s performance last year and Ferrari showing back up at Monza today should mean a lot more fun in Singapore though. That will be a good one! :race_car:

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schlitty Reckon Red Bull are thinking they can stand on the top step. I believe they can.

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