F1 2016 - Sepang

Here comes another F1 weekend :wink: One of my favourite track next to Spa and Bahrein.


Finally have a way to watch it but won’t be able to as it will be the second day of archery deer season here and I will be sitting in a hunting blind.

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Sucks having to cheer when someone’s car blows up but that’s where we are in F1.

What a great segment with Max and Daniel racing hard against each other right before Lewis blew up. Good stuff. Great win for Ricciardo in the end. Just what Nico needed too, especially after Sebastian went super late on the inside in turn 1. Should be a fun finish to the season, Lewis isn’t done yet.

Exciting race fortunately. Vettel fcuked up another race…not the first one this season, I dont get it. Risks too much for nothing usually. What if he passes the two Red Bulls in turn 1? Nothing, the Ferrari lacked the pace yesterday. Daniel totally deserves this win. With this, Red Bull nearly secured the second place in the contructors championship.


Yup, no idea what Vettel was thinking there. Definitely on him and it almost cost Nico the championship race if Lewis didn’t blow. Made for an interesting race though! Good for Daniel. Shoeys for everyone! Haha