F1 2017 - Belgian GP

It is finally here. FINALLY. I suffered a lot :smiley: My favourite track.

Will be fun to see them racing again! One of my favorites as well. Might just have to load it up in the simulator tonight. :slight_smile: :race_car:

My favourite track and race of the year. I have only anticipation and excitement for Spa. Only one driver becomes my interest. The King of Spa, Kimi. Version 1 was phenomenal at this track and V2 ain’t that bad. Now Michael may have won it more, but never with as much class as Kimi. Only time I will ever support a Ferrari unequivically… in the hands of the King of Spa.

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My last one Kimi fanboy post. Promise. Watch a 4 time winner nail a 6 time winner.

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Kimi can only win now, if Vettel is out. But I hope we can see him win again :stuck_out_tongue:

And another good news:

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Fun Fact: Spa-Francorchamps and the Nürburgring are very close together. Only 90km or 55 miles distance from one racetrack to the other :wink:

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Need to know: Belgium

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FP2 is now live!

Honda cars are actually moving a little out there so far. Makes it easier to spot how horrible Sauber is. :x

Kimi making the most of it so far. Hope he snags pole or 2nd on the grid and gets a chance to take it from the start!

Ready for the qualifying! Go Kimi!

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Got to bed, alarm clock worked, ready for Kimi to get 1 or 2! :wink:

Congrats to Hamilton on matching the pole positions mark. Tough luck for Kimi down the stretch.

Williams really has to do some soul searching. Absolutely abysmal plummet over the last few seasons. “Best of the rest” to slumming it with Sauber.

Good showing by Palmer before the car quit on him. Bad look for the Hulk if that’s what Palmer can do with an equal car. Just one session of one weekend though, we’ll see what is going on on Sunday.

Hope its a good one tomorrow!

Let’s hope for a Ferrari 1-2. But I have a feeling, Kimi won’t finish the race. We’ll see tomorrow.



I won’t see it live but DVR is all set to record it so I can watch it when I wake up.

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If someone missed the qualifying: