F1 2017 - Canadian GP

The difference between Lewis’ 2 stop and my 3 stop strategy in Canada with a 2013 car. Almost got him, the last stint was epic fast. Practicing for this weekend. 50% race, professional difficulty.


ButtStallion I remember watching that and was bored with Vettel/Red Bull dominance. I was yelling at the screen egging Button on. One of the absolute great races of all time on my second favourite track. Awesome vid and Buttons finest moment.

I remember this one too, when my man Mansell led the entire way. I woke up early (4am), watch quitely with my dad and brother (Senna supporters) and this mad my heart sink.

What makes this track great:

Two types of drivers, one who crashed at at the wall of champions and ones that are going to.

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This year’s cars have ultimate grip but they are wider so i hope it can cause some funny scenes. Palmer is my first guess :smiley: And I read in an article then there is a high possibility for a wet qualy/race.


Now it is only tyrewall of campions. They moved the wall and put a line of tyres in front of it.

ButtStallion That being a tire wall is probably good for Stroll and Palmer’s health. :stuck_out_tongue:

ButtStallion A solid wall is dangerous, but a flexible one is worse. What ever hits a concrete wall sticks and one person gets hurt, refer video. Nearly none of them come off once they hit. Tyre barrier is a bad idea, as it can hook car in and push it out into traffic. It is designed to absorb and bounce back into traffic.

THIS gentlemen is a very bad idea.

115 laps with a 2012 Lotus. Race and qualy simulations and some sources said he run faster laps then the current Renault test driver Sergei Sirotkin. I loved this guy, would love to see in a current Renault but almost no chance. His hand at least looks better than years ago.

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I need to to read this later :stuck_out_tongue:

ButtStallion Such a talent. Like to think of his circumstance as the odd occasion when greatness is stifled and the world is cheated. Sorry to say that Sirotkin is one of the many drivers who pay to be in F1, a sad reality of the state of F1.

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Always enjoy the races in my timezone. No early alarms for this one. :smiley:

Don’t have to get up early for this one.

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Kimi is on a mission. Sets the best FP2 time. Hes really finding the hotlaps in his car, just needs the race pace to match.

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I love these new type of videos from LM this year.

Almost 7:30 pm here, time for a good Checz lager, my favourite beer, the Budweiser.

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Oh my, what an epic lap from Hamilton. Came from nowhere.


ButtStallion Holy poop! I really didn’t expect that. I knew itd be a competition when Ferrari didn’t pull away in Q2 with the ultras but DAMN! Insane lap, then Vettel nearly matches it, but wait! Hamilton has more. Absolutely flew. Weird that Ferrari seems quicker on the straight this weekend though, gotta still figure they’ll have the better race pace but my oh my does Hamilton love himself Montreal.