F1 2017 - Singapore GP


Got this weird gut feeling that Verstappen is win this one.


trainsmash Not wierd, possible :smiley:

Always possible. My gut feel us the weird bit.

Unfortunately another processional track up at the sharp end.

Well whoever wins I hope something different happens. Mercedes going through the motions making it look easy lately on those two fast tracks. Bottas has fallen to a more distinct #2 there. I’m greedy, I want some action up top again! May the streets and lights make it happen!

This race looks to be Palmer’s Swan Song. Sainz will be taking his spot ‘on loan’.

Also good to see the Red Bulls setting the pace in FP1 and FP2. Need at least one to get that front row qualifying though! Interesting weekend so far.

it is still Friday, but the Red Bulls looking very promising. Maybe Ferrari can catch them tomorrow, but I favor the RBs. Ricciardo in the pole, maybe Vettel second and the other Ferrari and RB drivers following.


Have to say catching this race is awkward due Divinity Original Sin 2 launching.

Back on point: Red Bulls on form. Ferrari will probably reign it in, but from what i did catch, they looked a trifle skittish.

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trainsmash Aston Martin…or Porsche…or Honda…Too soon to predict :smiley:

There we go! My goodness that pole lap. Flying out there.

Interesting grid. It will be a fun race :smiley: Max will be dangerous in every way. :smiley:

If someone missed the qualifying:



Heavy rain arrived to Singapore. It will be interesting, maybe the first night wet race in F1 history.




Vettel is an idiot!


zmajuga Totally Vettel’s fault. I watched it several hundred times, but he did not even tried to back out, just went left from the start. Max and Kimi went straight. This is my opinion, anyone can argue :smiley: Race accident, but all started with Vettel who never uses rear view mirrors. Not the first time. This is how you lose a championship, it made no sense to risk so much for a position when Lewis was obviously far back.