F1 2017 - Spanish GP


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Mercedes shows up with completely different aero in spots nobody else has and goes a second faster than anybody else in FP1… Hopefully it doesn’t mean too much.

0.4 second difference between Mercedes and Ferrari in FP2. Raikönnen’s new T-wing is destroyed :smiley:

I have to think that Ferrari is growing in confidence and sand bagging. It pains me to admit that they have a car this year.

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Ferrari does indeed show up more for Saturday.

Looking to be a close race between the two contending teams.

Cool to see Alonso get a good run in front of his crowd. 7th! I would’ve been hard pressed to put money on 17th! Haha.

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Listen to Kyvat comments. He is in a better place since he was demoted and you have to feel bad for him too. Hitting the AAA teams and having to step down back into a midfield team. I fear his comments still do not inspire other teams to want to take him on. He can’t win.

DAMN!!! :angry:

Not a bad race.

Ferrari with the bonehead move of not pitting under VSC, Massa bugs Vettel at the end again just for fun, and Kimi doesn’t survive turn 1.

Meanwhile Mercedes blew up an engine to keep the constructor’s standings narrow.

No improvements from Red Bull.

Force India establishes further that they’re the best of the rest.

Sauber beat McLaren to getting their first points after Alonso had a heck of a qualifying.

What a crazy race. Damn, I am with the little kid, seeing Kimi in another accident, this year is starting very poorly. But great race between Hamilton and Vettel. Vettel should have done a 3rd pit stop 20 laps before the finish and do a quick medium tyre stint. Red Bull’s B version car is almost worse during the race then before, 78 second behind Hamilton, and the 4th Perez got a lap. The mid field is together but 2 seconds slower per lap. Great overtakes, great strategies, loved to watch.

Kimi shows why he is loved by all. He is a fuzzy cuddly bear at heart. Driver of the day for me.

It was by far and away the best race in decades. Actually witnessing two constructors race their machines at full tilt for the entirety of the race. What F1 means. Bernie runs it into ground and under new owner ship in race 5 we see the glory of F1 is suppose to be.
Hamilton: Some times it is better to be lucky than good.
Vettel: Surprisingly not sour.
Mercedes: Don’t think they are geared to beat another constructor, as their biggest issue previously was controlling team mates.
Ferrari: Still manage to strategically to lose.
The Kid: is why we watch, it is what F1 meant to us years ago, before Bernie screwed.


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