F1 2018 season




Norris or Ocon are the only two for that seat. And Ocon is supposedly too tall.

I feel bad for Vandoorne, but he hasn’t shown anything this year. And the bar at McLaren is pretty low too. Sucks, but understandable.



McLaren seats decided


Grosjean’s DQ is the strangest thing to happen in a while. They wrote a letter to FIA and got no response. Cut throat business. Bummer for Vandoorne. Very talented driver and to me, seemingly lost his driver in favour of nationality. I mean 2 years behind the team whilst they were/are falling apart… harsh.


So two weeks wait after the two fastest tracks (full throttle) are done to one of the slowest, Singapore. So the Ferrari should whip the merc on paper… But do we think Max is gonna own it, assuming Danny has another last place engine penalty coming?


Red Bull said it was not an engine failure in Monza so if everything goes well they don’t need another engine and the penalty. Max, Ric and the Red Bull can totally win Singapore. I hate street tracks but this is one of the better ones. Toto said they lost Spa because they are weak at accelaration. So everything if set to Red Bull win and Ferrari stal some points back from Mercedes.


Yeah. Wondering how strong Ferrari will be. They are either gonna walk it like Hungary or RB will. Hard one to call.


At this point I’m resigned to another Hamilton/Mercedes championship so I’m just doing a rain dance for the rest of the season. I want to see a completely random winner. :cloud_with_rain:


Kyvat back to Torro Rosso. Can’t make that up.


Always thought Kyvatt got a bad wrap on a couple of his torpedo moments and was a victim of the need to promote Max. But still do think there’s other drivers that could do more with the opportunity in the seat. I think it’ll be a quieter run in F1 this go around for him. But who knows, maybe we’ll get full blown torpedo mode haha. Sideways move by Rosso.


He should give Marko the bird and stick as the reserve driver for Ferrari


As expected…

Surely not expected a two year deal with Sauber :open_mouth:
“He wrote: “Guess who’s back?! Next two years with @sauberf1team ahead! Feels extremely good to go back where it all began!””


Interesting to say the least about Kimi. Guess he just plain likes racing around in a F1 car. Ericsson is realllllly going to have to keep up the pace now if he wants to keep his seat.


Rumor is he also got some share in Sauber for giving his place to Leclerc.


I saw this one live on television, amazing drive during the sprint race with a pit stop. let’s hope he can catch Hamilton and Vettel :smiley:


I think this is a healthy move for Kimi. Just pure driving. Explains Monza. He may not win, but hopefully he can be amongst it a few times.

Grats to Leclerc, he is talented and hopefully the pressure of a big team doesn’t break him. Seen it too often in F1.

So only Orcon needs a home?



Best Kimi interview ever.


Wow. That was a PERFECT lap. Especially the third sector, justt looked so smooth on the onboard. Gonna be an interested start tomorrow.