Facebook officially announces Gameroom...




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Nice! Now all the trash not finished indie games will move to the facebook gameroom thing which is a bigger trash than the trashiest trash. Love!

I want a 6th game client on my machine, sure :smiley:


Good one :rofl:

Well, if you count Windows Store as well, I already have 6 :smiley: And Steam, Battlenet, Origin, Uplay, GoG Galaxy :smiley:

Well I don’t think we’ll be seeing any AAA games jumping on it but I do hope this is successful. I know millions love their mobile/mobile-like games like Candy Crush or Farmville or whatever pay2win tower defense games they advertise during Super Bowls with celebs and CGI. I don’t get it at all, don’t even have a smartphone. But people play them in droves. And it’d be nice if they were all secluded on a platform I’ll never use. :grin:

Honestly though, Steam is beyond saving in that department. Mobile ports, f2p p2w, and flash games have already saturated it. Whateves. Best of luck to them. facebook already owns the demographic that plays that stuff.

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So that is where we all now play stupid games like Farmville eh?! :rofl: