Fantasy Football (American) Fans?

Would be cool to have a GX Fantasy Football League. American football that is, not what American’s call Soccer.

Minimum 8 teams, max probably 12. If you are a fan of American football (LetsGetIt1220 , ShiftySatchmo , teh_g , Egin3rd ) then post here you want to be part of a league. We could do very cheap fun prizes, like winner gets a humble bundle or something.

Let me knowwwwwww

I’ve never done such a thing. If you help me get started I guess sure. You said my prize was a Vive? Nice

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What I know about american football: Big dudes, 4 hour gameplay, expensive tv spots and a deformed ball.

I’d play just to talk with people over TS or something XD

You forgot me! Sign me up, I’m in several fantasy football leagues!

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The best way to learn about football is to play Fantasy Football. You learn a ton!

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I have never been into football, don’t know really anything except my family are huge patriot fans but I might be interested though I would need alot of help to learn lol.

I gave up fantasy football 5 or so years ago because I realized it was the only reason I watched the NFL still. But for GX? For GX I shall ride into fantasy football battle again. Sign me up! This gonna happen on ESPN or Yahoo?


schlitty yahoo!


Is it gonna happen this season? we only gots a week or so to draft!!


I did it two years and that was enough for me, I hate numbers.

Ok so gimme an official yes or no

have some people saying maybe, blah, etc. Just say yes or no, I’ll make the league, we’ll worry about details later

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I’m going to watch and learn, maybe next year, so NO :wink:

Yes. :football:


ButtStallion best way to learn is to do it. If you aren’t in the league, I’m not sure you can see exactly how it works. Remember, I have never watched a hockey game in my life, and don’t know the first thing about it other than it has ice and a puck that you hit in nets to make goals. Yet I’ve won a fantasy hockey league now three times! Change your vote to yes!! join us, its all in fun!

No, but thank you for offering to take the time to do it.

I hummed and ha’d about it… and came up with a no. I just don’t know enough about the rest of the league outside of the Chargers and Seahawks.

meh we don’t have enough teams so it’ll be a no go. Good luck in your other FFB seasons guys

syncrosis no? We have at least 7 right? We could find another