Fantasy Football (American) Fans?

shiftysatchmo I only count 4-5. And honestly, we need to have the draft day/time already set up, if its gonna be this season.

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polekatt that’s just because some people who we know will do it didn’t post on here haha. Egin3rd and teh_g will

Someone could always slap together a quick survival or pickem pool instead.

Polekatt relaxxxxx we can easily put a draft together. Just put two together over the weekend for next week. Here’s the real count:

Teh G

Who am I missing? We need at least 8 for it to matter.

syncrosis said in Fantasy Football (American) Fans?:

Polekatt relaxxxxx we can easily put a draft together.

Its all ok!! I do a lot of dynasty stuff, so I think I"m just used to cutting down at this point, instead of drafting. :wink:

schlitty I suck at pick’em. I’m cannon fodder in those type things. I think I pick favorites too much.

syncrosis Woah woah woah, I never said yes. I am already in a league.

syncrosis Sami said he would I thought

teh_g stop trying to ruin our fun

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shiftysatchmo I did a recount to see who is really serious and only Pole and Schlitty said yes. Other’s begrudgingly said maybe. FFB leagues are only fun if people actively stick with it for the season, otherwise it’s crap and way too easy. They forget to start guys, don’t look at trades, etc. So if we can pickup 2 more dedicated teams we can do it…