Damn it Katsuo have fallen for this game hard… to think I once had a key and gave it away lol. Going to have to buy it and such next month if I can pull it off.

Currently in Limsa Lominsa. Extremely good game. Definitely worth the subscription. I’ll probably subscribe for another month or two. Depends if I have someone to play with. So far PeaceLeon and I are enjoying the game little too much haha

Was planning to buy PC upgrades next month but ill hold off another month and start in janurary probally pc upgrade wise… grab a GPU and the Base & Expansion for this for now… :smiley:

What card you running this on btw? Also looks like if I want to download this game its 59.98 (Thats with base + heavensward) from Steam or even Square Enix unless I want DVD’s which I dont then its 30 bucks cheaper… ill probally grab it from Steam make it easier on my self lol.

XFX 370 4GB XXX DD factory OC’d to 1000MHZ. Running the game maxed out on 1080p60fps

My advice is to not to buy the expansion yet. Because in order to play it, you have to be 50 lvl with max gear. And to achieve that, you have to spend around 5 or 6 months (maybe even more if you are a slow player) playing the game and farming the end game gear. Also, a new expansion will come out in January 2017. That will make Heavensward definitely cheaper on all platforms.

Katsuo Well I can get the Bundle that includes the Expansion for 59.99 which is being added into my figures so I wont have to worry later on…Im just trying to figure which GPU I want atm Im always torn between the GTX 1060 6gb and RX 480 8gb… but thats just me lol. Plus I could always just order the disks and wait for it to arrive and get the Expansion + Base game for 29.99 total.

Gorkie I hope you’ll get 2 keys in that bundle. If you activate em both immediately, you’ll lose one month of free subscription that comes with Heavensward. I’d rather activate one key, play it to gear up, activate second key (Heavensward), get one month free and continue playing lol

I’d go with 480 8GB. You can crank up the textures to the heavens with 8GBs of VRAM. But then again, 6GBs might be pretty much enough for the current games. I don’t know, a lot of us on GX are using AMD products and basically none of us had problems with 'em. Also we might help you with problems (if they occur ofc) regarding AMD products if you decide to buy that 480. Both of these cards are doing marvelous job on the latest games even on the resolutions higher than 1080p.

Katsuo Well I dont know, how the key thing works… ill figure it out come time, I play see my funds and buy 60 days anyhow to go with my 30 days

Katsuo Yea im still running on my A8-7670k this game ran great on the R9 270 even though the R9 was defective… so I guess RX 480 8gb it will be… I found the Gigabyte RX 480 8gb atm cheap… will see how much it is come time to order.

Gorkie Gigabyte is awesome. I really love their GPUs. Especially the motherboards. Never had problems with them. I think the 480 G1 comes with a backplate.

Katsuo the G1 is the one im looking at with discounts for $198 from jet.com can say the site is legit already made a purchase of new boots off there my self

Gorkie Time to save up and buy it then!

Gorkie Never upgrade your system around christmas … you will pay only the special christmas bonus if you do so. Better wait for end of January, begin of February.

PeaceLeon Ill do that with my pc upgrades it self… need the GPU bad on intergrated right now.

Katsuo Next month ill have the money… should be able to grab the GPU & Game and have left overs to start saving for the next parts.

Katsuo I have read if you do POTD (Palace of the Dead) you can hit 60 in 3 days if you no life it lol

Gorkie I would do that if I already went through the entire game. But now, I don’t see a reason why would I do that. I want to see the areas, other dungeons, have a challenge, see the storyline, progression etc. Also, POTD is only available to floor 40 if you have only the base game.

Gorkie If you have yet to buy FF XIV I can give you a key for the base game free of charge. I’ve had it in a humble bundle from last year. No one on GT ever claimed it oddly.

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MyLifeForAiur Omg yes please!!! I have not bought it yet and that would save me only needing the expansion!

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