Final Fantasy XV REGALIA Type-F

I need this more than anything.

I am trying not to get my hopes up…

teh_g Yeah yeah. Now that you’ve said that, go preorder the game xD

Katsuo No PC Version = No Pre Order :wink:

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MeFFFlenn At least we’ll get Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC. It’s somethingggg…

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Katsuo No Preorder :stuck_out_tongue:

MeFFFlenn The game will be finished Q3 2017. We won’t see the preorder button for a long time haha

MeFFFlenn said in Final Fantasy XV REGALIA Type-F:

Katsuo No PC Version = No Pre Order :wink:

Square has no ambition for a PC release?

Evilzlegend Hajime said that he’s thinking about releasing the PC version. He’ll eventually release the PC version because he’s aiming to sell 10 million copies of the game. I’m not sure if he can do that by only releasing the game for XB1 and PS4.