Final Fantasy XV to have 1080p60 mode for PS4 Pro

Good news for them!

Katsuo I live life in 1080p 60fps everyday. You don’t see me bragging about it. Well besides right now. XD

But in all seriousness this game looks awesome. Probably won’t buy it when it comes out though. Not enough time.

MyLifeForAiur I live life in 540p 24 fps every day. That’s because I don’t have enough money to buy new glasses. #eyesightproblems
And that’s not even an excuse btw. You can always find 15 minutes to play the game. Hell, instead of being on GX, you just turn on the PS4 and play the game. It’s that easy.
For more solutions by me, please call 1-800-MAKE-FF-GREAT-AGAIN

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Katsuo Yeah I hear you with the vision problems. I’m living with motion blur on extreme. If I don’t completely stop and stare at something I can’t see it worth of shit. Yeah but 15 minutes go by so quickly and I don’t know how the save system is going to work in the game. :slight_smile: Also I think you’re help line is broken. Says the number doesn’t exist.

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MyLifeForAiur Quick save and autosave. Just like in FF13!
And it’s not broken! Put your glasses on because you probably dialed the wrong number. sigh

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With their 2x R7 260x Crossfire adventure inside PS4 Pro I certainly doubt it. XD

Zmajuga It’s running COD IW on 4k. Upscaled or not, it’s doing the job. If it can run COD IW on that resolution, it certainly can run FF15 on 1080p with 60 fps.

I’d play this at 720p 30fps as long as I can play it.

Hell no worse right now then me playing FF XIV at 24fps lol