Fire Emblem Warriors

This is my next game and also coincidence I’m playing two Koei Tecmo games that actually received QA back to back.

Unlike Dragon Quest Heroes 2, this one is a straight up Dynasty Warriors template game. If you like pre-dynasty-warriors-9 DW games, you’ll like this. On top of that, since Koei Tecmo aren’t the publishers, it has lots of QoL features added!

Only down side is… 30fps :’( which will take a few days to get used to.

Will post more later!


This game is pretty fun, I like the added Fire Emblem mechanics.

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It seems they did indeed introduce some new mechanics. I like the way the sand storms are implemented!

Switch only?

So far… oh also on 3ds.


Just beat it! Probably the second best DW game I’ve played. Recommended. It was good, but not mind blowing so I didn’t bother with “History Mode” or any other dlc/unlockable junk.

I did some of the History Mode to get the items to evolve people.

I didn’t remotely need anything beyond what I acquired playing the main campaign. By the last 10 missions I was op.

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