Forum Layout

Just a few suggestions about the forum layout! I am sucker for organizing things as some of you might know!

Is it possible to have sub-categories for popular games, like World of Warcraft, Overwatch etc? I think that way would be much more convenient for each of us!

A category for technology, PC parts and peripherals, seems to be appropriate to have on its own!

I humbly request a Gamer Challenge category! That will allow me to do things so much better!

Anime&Manga Category! Me and Milisav can finally nerd it out with Sakura titles!

More will come soon :wink:

Yes! GamerChallenge is a must. Or I won’t be able to finish the games as fast as I want. :frowning:


Katsuo Btw, you have to repost everything here! I can’t go to GTribe and start searching again xD Dunno if I can anyways?

Alex You mean the games I finished in this month?

Katsuo Aye!

I forgot XD
Astebreed on Hard, Marlow Briggs on Hard, Mars: War Logs on Hard and the Harder, Strider on Hard, Enslaved+DLC on Hard and Normal (not sure if that one was last month), Depth Hunter, Dispatcher on Hard and Viscera Cleaning Shadow Warrior (if it counts) and I’m close to finish Witcher 2 on Insane Difficulty with all achievements.

Katsuo Dude xD Post in the Gamer Challenge Category! (if it’s gets created)

I’m lazy to search the category. (if it’s created)

Katsuo Then don’t search, just bookmark it once xD

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I’d like a topic called Katsuo and he is only allowed to post in there… [unwatched] :stuck_out_tongue:

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ShiftySatchmo Wouldn’t that be the most interesting topic on gamingexodus? No one wants that :frowning:

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How about the name is displayed beside the username or somewhere in post? It’s sometimes confusing who is who.

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snj12341 I think for that to work people will need to select the show full name option, which I did

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snj12341 If you fill out your full name in the profile than you will be able to find this information when you check the users profile. So I think that is good enough.

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PeaceLeon ShiftySatchmo Ok, thanks.

teh_g I’d like to see a news category, a deals category and a videos/streams category

One thing I would think that would be really cool is a category for Hardware swap and or help. Not for begging of course but a place centralized so those that have extra or want to help are able to reach out :slight_smile:


Only0neKnight yeah and a tech support kind of dealy maybe in the same category

I’ll get some of these added tomorrow!


teh_g Rock on Geran enjoy yourself this weekend.