Front Mission Evolved

So this is my next game. It’s more of a nostalgia game for me. I never played it before but it’s literally generic pre-2010 shooter 101. The graphics don’t age well, especially the video cut scenes…that said, I am running it at max settings at 4320p>60 (usually >80, dsr2160p). I’m having fun so far, kind of a palette cleanser. Will post more later.

Loved this one. Too bad Square Enix abandoned it. Was a good Armored Core replacement.

It’s ok, though I just got to a part where it keeps crashing. Just rebooted, if it still crashes I’m abandoning it.

Maybe lower the resolution. It’s an old ass game that was never patched xD

The reboot worked.

So yeah this game’s beat. It’s supremely mediocre and the story almost seems placeholder. Only recommended as a palette cleanser.

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