Fuck i cant even give likes -__-

Worst 90 days of my life -_- 10 more days to go

LOLOLO yeah, if you want to like my screenshots, you need to have a special VIP pass XD


Katsuo How much is the VIP pass?

DANTE Only 10 left!! You’re almost there man. What a shitty situation.

MyLifeForAiur US $17.99 for the Premium Access. Everything above that will grant you UX access where you can even share and comment my screenshot!

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Katsuo Sounds like a great deal!! Any restrictions on the sharing? I usually only share stuff to Pornhub.

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MyLifeForAiur 0 restrictions on both deals!

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Katsuo Alright I’m signing up for sure. I’ll be over in a few weeks to hand deliver the money. I only carry cash on me since I don’t believe in banks.

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MyLifeForAiur You can send the money through the new method. Throw the money on the screen! I heard it’s as safe as paypal with 76248-bit SSL!

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Katsuo https://youtu.be/HZzGJeqylqk

MyLifeForAiur Hahahah I’m dying XD…I mean, thank you very much for your subscription. You may now share screenshots to PornHub and other Premium Dating sites.

Kind regards,

GTrib…cough [GX] Katsuo

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Here’s more content



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DANTE You’ve passed 80days, 10 days will be easy

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Katsuo wew