FX 8320 + MSI 970 Gaming - Overclock Results

We have at this point, just finished the past 25 minutes of running Prime95.

I have stablized at 4.5ghz overclock, at 1.56v(according to MSI Commander) (Yet in bios it said 1.46) max CPU temp was 34c and Core Temps never went up above 44c on each core.

This is while running on a Seidon 120v with push into the case and pull from the top of the case and MX4 Thermalpaste

So we have Idle temps ranging from 15c-24c so I would say not to shabby on the overclock temps.

What was the temps under load?

teh_g Right now im playing Final Fantasy XIV on Maximum settings at under full load I get about 45c max… if that says anything

And how much difference is in the FPS between 4.5ghz and no OC?

MeFFFlenn No idea, but if all goes well tomorrow I might buy a RX 470 to replace my R9 270X with and ill let you know after that :stuck_out_tongue: