Games that won't Support Switch Cloud Saves

At least, not when it launches. (Womp womp)

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They’re lucky they have good games and I travel a lot!

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Meh. Nintendusual.

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I’ll probably subscribe to that crap anyway. It’s $20 per year.

Do people stay offline for more than. 7 days anyway? Cavemen!

I’ll get it because I want to smash @teh_g

Which is actually reasonable I’d say. If your sub is expiring just make sure you have the data stored locally.

Completely unreasonable. I’ll never be subscribing now. Cloud save was the only thing I wanted. I was only going to sub while playing a switch game. Just like I only sub to ps+ when I’m playing a ps4 game.

It’s not like it’s deleting the save off your console. Why would they let you store saves for free?

Do you really care about your save data after you beat a game?

Storage isn’t free, while it might cost pennies, I think it is totally reasonable to remove saves after some period of time. PS+ deletes the saves after 6 months if you don’t stay subscribed.

They could hold on to them for a while at least. Also they don’t need to let me access them if I’m not subscribed.

Yeah, I’d say Nintendo hanging onto them for a quarter or two before trashing them would be friendlier than instant deletion. On the other hand it’s $20 a year so * shrug *

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I don’t play switch games all the time. But guaranteed once per 6 months or more. It’s not that $20 is a lot of money, it’s that I’d rather pay for something I’ll use. A few months of psn or nintendo individually paid for a month at a time per year is less than the yearly cost. It’s also a way to say, fuck you nintendo/sony, you don’t need to charge for online. Now that most sales are digital, the games are paying for the online and you don’t need our money anymore.

Yeah one thing micro does better is free online services (minus multi) including cloud saves.

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Play and finish the game in one go and you won’t need to store the saves on the cloud or the device everrrr.

Problem solved :tada::tada::tada: