Ghost 1.0

This is my next game! It’s another metroidvania (reason why I played Yoshi’s Crafted World in between this game and Hollow Knight). This time futuristic, so closer to the metroid side of things. A potato could run it and there’s no graphics options besides windowed/full screen, disable dynamic lighting, and limit fps to 60. So playing full screen, dynamic lighting, and no fps limit (which is actually just limiting it to the monitor’s refresh rate. So 1440p165 it is. There is some jank. You have to calibrate your game pad in the game’s options first or nothing will work. If you leave the game idle long enough for your wireless controller to turn off, you need to exit and rerun the game. Luckily “save and exit” saves you in your exact position.

Pretty fun so far, will post more later!


Have you played Matterfall?

Doesn’t sound familiar.

It’s an exclusive ps4 game. Ghost 1.0 reminded me of Matterfall a bit so that’s why I asked.

The only thing similar is guns and side scrolling happen…still added it to my list though.

And the sci-fi theme. And that you play with a character. And that it’s playable. And that the characters have eyes. See? Similar almost everywhere.


Just beat it. Excellent game! I want to see a sequel with modern graphics! Recommended!


So…Matterfall? :scream::exploding_head:

Matterfall is just bullet hell on foot.