Golden Joysticks GMG Keys (Spec Ops and Sid's Pirates)

Would anybody like Spec Ops: The Line or Sid Meier’s Pirates! keys?

I’ve never used GreenManGaming before so I dunno how “legit” the site is but I got them for $1 for voting in the Golden Joysticks awards or something. I already have both though.

schlitty It’s a legit site, they do this every GJ Awards :slight_smile:

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Only0neKnight Want one or both of em? :slight_smile:

schlitty I am good, I have them already, thank you though :slight_smile:

You voted? Which game is your GOTY? :grin:

Katsuo XCOM2 :smiley:

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Katsuo I don’t remember, I didn’t vote for categories where I didn’t play any of the games. So I basically didn’t vote for most of it haha.

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ButtStallion Dark Souls 3 here. I’m enjoying it way too much haha
schlitty Now it’s the perfect time to get a 2016 game and make it your GOTY :grin:

Katsuo My computer prefers older ladies. :wink:

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It won’t accept my login for some reason so I can’t claim mine

the ‘golden pack’ on gmg site is not availabe in my region so anyone interested in the voucher for it? …