[GONE] The Banner Saga 2

I have a keyyyyyy.

Hush! Katsuo can hear you :slight_smile:

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Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine

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I still need to play part 1… someday

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walruswitalys haha ok

I have a copy too if someone needs it.

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shiftysatchmo I was joking … you know that meme :confused:

walruswitalys too late

shiftysatchmo noooooooooooo XD

Sami was joking or something. I don’t get his humor XD

Anyone want this?

shiftysatchmo Internet people call me by my real name while irl no one does now I go cry myself to sleep


walruswitalys haha what do they call you irl?

shiftysatchmo they dont call me at all that is the problem

Claimed by MysticHydro (after I stalked his wish list and begged him to take it :stuck_out_tongue: )

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shiftysatchmo Now I’m pissed. I’ve reset my computer at least once since I last played Banner Saga. I was halfway through it. I saved all my game saves but noooooo, Banner Saga saves their crap in AppData/Roaming. Bunch of tards! Now I have to start Banner Saga all over. Welp, here I go from the beginning.

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mystichydro that happened to me too sort of. I went to start part 2 but none of my choices will carry over. Oh well!