Good news!

(I bet you thought this was another PC/GPU post :stuck_out_tongue: ) No, I just got back from the doctor, and I have been cleared and rediagnosed as not being Pre-Diabetic any longer, have been taken off the medicine for it as well. I have also losed another 5lbs and my cholesterol has stabalized back to normal numbers on the charts with a 40 point drop from 209 to 169. Weight loss sense I last seen my doctor before this has been a average of 50lbs.

Gorkie Great news and congratulations, keep up the good work :wink:

Awesome news, you are doing well :wink:

Great news indeed. :thumbsup_tone1:

That’s fucking great to hear mate! Good job!

that is awesome to hear!

Dude - great news & have some positive affirmation: You did this, for yourself… the medicine may have helped but if you hadn’t put the work in, you wouldn’t have gotten here!

All done with the nice feels, going back to screaming at the neighbourhood kids to get off my lawn.


Keep up the good work bud, you can get even better.

That’s what I like to hear!!