Got the Logitech G810 keyboard today

It’s been awhile. My wife has been out of town so I’ve been on my computer a little more. Today, I was playing some games and my keyboard decided again to constantly ghost and not recognize key inputs. I’m so done with it. I immediately looked online for the Logitech G810. Lucky me, BestBuy has it on sale for $109. I used my lovely Discover reward points and a small gift card to purchase it. So far, I think it’s pretty good. It’s still a bit louder than what I’d like but it’s not the worst clicky noise out there. I actually like typing on it. The keys have a nice travel distance and pressure. Well, I hope everyone is doing well. Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day, if you are celebrating.

I use Compaq kb3926 have it over 11 years and its the best keyboard i ever owned XD No wonder because its made in Canada stuff made in China didn’t last me not even 2 years XD

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