Grim Dawn -- new content! Rouge-like dungeon Port Valbury!

Sgt_T8ie I think you’ll like this!

I know I will. :smiley:

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Zmajuga You have GD as well? Well next time you’ll get your tags as well haha

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I haven’t played GD in quite a while, looking forward to jumping back in as soon as I’m done with my Current Dishonored 2 run!


Katsuo Damn jiggy I’m going to like that!

I don’t know why they call it RougeLike though? Isn’t that just Hardcore mode?

I’m playing this as my work game (what I can play in fits & starts around testing & report writing) & I like it. I see it’s $14 on Humble Bundle & you’d get Legend of Grimrock 2 with it, as well as Secret World etc. It’s a great little game, the lore you pick up does an excellent job at story telling & it’s a nice blend of Path of Exile’s aesthetic with Diablo. Really gritty & brutal, I like it!

In other news - I gave up on Van Helsing Chapter 2 after it got too annoying & needy. A real pity that they didn’t build on the first chapter & took a step backward instead.

I didn’t realise it had co-op & multi player… hmm.

Sgt_T8ie The third Van Helsing is even worse than the second xD
Grim Dawn is an awesome game. I tried it when it was on free weekend thing and I loved it. Couldn’t bring myself to pick it up mainly because I had so many games to finish at that time.
It’s currently 15 bucks on Steam with the sale. I’ll still think about it if I’m going to pick it up or not. I kinda want to upgrade to Black Ops 3 but I don’t know if I’ll be able to play the game any time soon.
Also, the co op and multiplayer thing sounds funnnn. Gah, when you want all the games but at the same time you don’t want any of these because you want to have your life again. :frowning:
In any case, try to post a screenshot or two from the Port Valbury thing. We love screenshots. \o/

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Katsuo I’ve only just got past the Warden - he was a right Asshole to beat. Stun-spamming, slow-down insta wipe pile of sh!t.

But I did feel victorious once I finally beat him :slight_smile:

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