GTA V might be free on Epic Store tomorrow


everybody hates ES. i just feel like sharing so yah why not :3

I don’t hate it. I just posted a link where you can put your Epic Games links instead of creating new topic for it.

I still don’t understand why hate on Epic when all they are doing is giving free games since like last year lol

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sorry i didnt know that :frowning:

Inexplicable brand loyalty to Steam? The argument of having one launcher went away with Origin. Though now you can have one launcher with galaxy I guess.

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Hmm, wonder where that rumor came from?

My guess was Rocket League.
Because Epic now owns Rocket League, and its already been said that its going to appear exclusively on Epic starting sometime in May. I figure they will give it away like Fortnite and make money off the season passes and skins.

My other guess was Borderlands 3.
Because that one was exclusive on Epic for a year, and now that its not exclusive anymore, I figured they might just give it away as a great big middle finger to Steam.

Everybody? Sorry but I guess I am not everybody :wink: I don’t mind it at all lol

I’m with @Gorkie . Why the hate? You don’t like it, you don’t use it. Simple as that. :slight_smile: