Jumped in and played a bit of GTAV yesterday, because it was a double RP weekend for stunt racing, and if you logged in, you unlocked one of the stunt jumpsuits. Had an hour free and was in the mood for it.

Thats the first I’ve played since they put in the stunt racing. Since the whole part that I liked best was racing anyway, its a lot of fun!

But boy, was I rusty!! I haven’t played in forever, so my driving skill had degraded, plus, everyone else is about 100 levels above me, so I’m sure they’ve upgraded their cars with upgrades I haven’t even unlocked yet. Used to, I could finish every race in the top 3. but yesterday, I was getting last place or DNF’s every time.

Anyone else play this?

I play it as well, but also only a low low low level player.

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Well, I tried it again this weekend. I had forgotten how much I enjoy this game, especially the car part of it.

I either matched up with some lesser skilled players, or got some of my mojo back, or maybe a little of both. I managed several top 5 finishes, and even one 1st place!

But then, I entered a “premium” race. Didn’t know what this was, but you got triple rp for it. You have to pay $20K to enter. This one was for custom muscle cars, and I have not even upgraded my muscle cars in the least. DNF! But at least I tried. :rofl:

I also noticed that the only crew I’m in is the old GT one. I may go out and make a GX one, with this logo and color scheme, just for me and anyone else here that would want to run it.