GTribe Bans

I also got banned, in case you missed it. Today was a shitty day, even by my shitty standards; not about the ban, that was the least of my problems today. I am done though. I am tired. I can no longer go like this. Not only large financial problems, not only health related problems, just so much. When I got banned, I contacted Alex Anderson. here is the complete conversation we had.

"Alex Kaz: Really sad that you deemed it necessary to ban me. I honestly had nothing but love for GTribe and I wanted nothing more than to help GTribe.

Alex A: I can’t comment on those things. I can only say follow the instructions to get it resolved.

Alex K: What instructions? I received nothing.
I just got banned.
Besides, I did nothing wrong. In fact, I was the one trying to make things right.

Alex A: I believe there is a pop up with instructions

Alex K: You mean send an e-mail to that address?

Alex A: Yes, that hence why I can’t comment

Alex K: Sorry, but this is too vague. I don’t even know what to say or to whom I am speaking to. Or even what I did wrong/
Send an email to that address inquiring about why you were banned.

Alex K: Aren’t you the community manager? Aren’t you supposed to be in charge of the community? Unless I am no longer considered part of said community, or everything I have done or said do not deem me worthy of being part of it.

Alex A: The people who manage that addy will respond. I can’t comment on anything involving anyone directed to contact that department.

Alex K: attorneys? Are you telling I am being sued?

Alex A: It’s a legal matter Alex so I am prohibited from commenting on those things.
All I can do is direct anyone who might encounter that to do the same thing. That’s really all I can do.

Alex K: I am sorry, I am not willing to experience that. I am going through stuff in my life to have that on my neck as well. I love GTribe still, but if I am being sued or anything like that, it means I will burden my mother. If that happens, I am done. I will end things in whatever way possible.
I am just sad that it came to this.
Thank you for your time and your patience."

Sorry for the lack of screenshots. I will do that another time. I really can’t right now.

Alex I just hope you get better my friend. That’s what matters to me.

Only0neKnight Apparently, we are dealing with attorneys now. This is what was sent to Antonis when he asked about me:

He needs to contact our attorneys are now handling that. entire matter.

Alex Hes trying to make something out of thin air, I am really curious how he twists and pulls it to try and persuade something out of it. Because as it stands now he has nothing.

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If you feel you have been wrongfully banned you need to contact a legal team explaining why you think there has been a mistake. When did I become guilty until proven innocent.


I hope your health improves as well as your mothers. I don’t see anything coming of this, seems like posturing to me.

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Only0neKnight I don’t know if he can do anything. I don’t even care at this point. At least now I will have something to blame when something happens. IF it happens. Like I said, I am done.

MyLifeForAiur I don’t want to contact anyone. Do I have to? Honestly now.

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Alex Honestly I’m just going to ignore it. I was going to stick with GT and came here because a lot of my favorite members came over here. At this point I have no reason to go back to GT clearly they don’t want me there.

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Alex He’s fearmongering and attempting to regain some authority and dignity he lost overnight. Don’t worry, he can’t touch you.

desperate empty threats hoping to silence everyone… this is how this looks to me… don’t you worry about it. RL takes precedence

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Alex take a breath. I like you, you are my friend. Do NOT let a website stress you out. You will not be sued. In fact you can’t, you are in a different country. You never said anything slanderous or libelous. They are reaching for ANYTHING to make Angel look like the victim.

I know about life kicking you around. I spent 7 years trying to get paid over my injury because there was a fucking clerical error! I lost 2 houses to foreclosures as a result. Those are just a few of the problems I’ve dealt with. When i string to many bad days in a row i think about throwing in the towel. Then i think about the people that have to deal with the fallout. First and foremost, my daughter. Then i take more drugs, curl in a ball and often cry like a baby!

My point is life is hard, don’t quit it because of some pathetic fucktard on a power trip.


What the fuck is happening :confused:

Jeroenvh Nothing but a scare tactic really, Angel has no ground for anything, we left, tough we had no contractual obligation to be there. Now his active members are no more, his feeds starting to suck and his sponsors are noticing the active people left. He’s just scared right now. Our few drops made more an impact than he realized.


Only0neKnight we were the motherfucking ocean! Not the drops! :smiley:

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Spinalfailed That too lmfao you get what I mean ZOD! My apologies sire :stuck_out_tongue:


Spinalfailed we still are the ocean!!! xD

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Fucked up… but Lawyers for a group of people lmfao. Angel pockets money and scams A lawyer would cost everyone that here is what they paid for UX. Just to show even on your insight Alex Gtribe don’t give a shit… it’s their word or nothing. Like I mention on Facebook post. You have 180 days from the time Gtribe took money… All should contact paypal or your CC and charge back those fucktards! but I am very happy you are here with the rest of us free minded have fun respectful people.

I don’t think Gtribe has anyone but Erwin that does giveaways that cost money lmao but I know it aint all about that but just something to lol and smile about. We will make our group what a gaming community is all about not cooperate creed and sponsors throwing down links/ ads in our faces… Hell we have not one single add on this site \o/. We have all stood up for what is right and we all stayed together. This is what a fucking friendship is, what a community is. Fuck Angel Fuck Alex (not you) Fuck Angel peons and Fuck that community full of freeloading basement dwelling FUCKS!

Now I will pop this cap from my bottle of Negra Modelo and SALUTE a new beginning for us ALL


Spinalfailed I only stated that Angel only saw us as worthless drops.

p3ssimist_gΛming Well said my friend. Very well said.