GTX 1080 Ti Pricing thoughts

Posted on a local Enthuiast gruop in NZ, to gauge there thoughts. BUT it is very strange that NVIDIA would release the GTX 1080 Ti for less than the release of the 1080 (USD 699).

Makes a statement right?

P.S. I am not Bashing, so fanboy to yourself.

I assume it is because they are feeling the heat of Vega coming down. They are positioning themselves ahead. I also imagine the RX480 has been cutting into their sales.

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My feeling is to allow board partners room to price their elite boards @$800 odd. Then see what Vega brings. They(NVIDIA) always try to undercut AMD promotion. This time they going for price point, as that’s where the 480 hurt them last time.

Super Conspiracy. AIB has given them intel (no pun intended) that Vega is promising. Nah, but would be like a conspiracy.

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AMD is now competitive, prepare to see price wars that haven’t been seen for quite some time!


How was that again with the 780ti?! My guess is, there will 2 price cuts: 1080 for around 500 USD, 1070 for around 350USD. Then you could sell the 1080ti for around 700USD again :wink:

MeFFFlenn GTX1080 already confirmed price reduced to $499 USD.

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Exciting times! I’m glad competition is back. Now I just need that to be true for Internet.

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Sgt_T8ie Oh no what a surprise … NOT :wink:

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