Gtx 760 hitting 82 °C. Normal?

I just received my GTX 760 Palit (blower fan) and tested it for a half an hour and I noticed my temps in MSI afterburner hitting 82 °C mark under load. Is that normal or should I be worried and get a better thermal paste like mx-4 and apply it?

I would consider that to be still in the safe range. Mid to high 90s is when I start to worry.

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gord0 I think I’ll order mx-4 just in case. I’ve seen a post on tomshardware about this particular “issue” and the guy said he saw a significant drop in temps after applying better thermal paste…

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Usual problem with an aging video card. 82 is not normal, but still below Nvidia’s recommended max 97 degree. I hope a little paste can fix it.

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From the GTX 4x0 to the GTX 7x0 they are all a bit hot, because they suck power, same with the AMD cards of these times …

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MeFFFlenn I bought it only because it’s easier to sell my PC with Nvidia GPU here xD I’ll use it for a month and then probably get GTX 1060 in January.
P.s. I changed the fan curve a bit in afterburner and I’m about to test it again

But from 75° to 85° it is completly normal with a standard blower fan. To get lower temps, you have put on one of those massive Artic dual or even Tripple fan coolers with an extra beefy backplate etc. on there or a waterblock …

Once you go liquid, you can’t go back. The highest temp I’ve ever seen on my main rig was in the low 60s… but most of the time I’m in the 40s under load.

gord0 If it were any other (newer) GPU maybe… This one though - thermal paste will have to be enough xD

Any chance blower could be starved of air flow?

Trainsmash I don’t think so. There are 2 intake fans and only one exhaust fan but I don’t think that’s the ‘‘issue’’. GPU has a reference blower fan style so these temps, apparently, are nothing to worry about after all.

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