GTX 970 vs 1070

Should I sell my 8 month old 970 and add some spare money to buy the 1070 or not?

If your 970 is struggling with the new games, then go for it. If not, I can’t see a reason why would you buy a new GPU if the older is okay.


Katsuo hehe i doubt that any of 970 GPU will struggle with any of current games on market …

ButtStallion to be honest i don’t see reason for that … especially you have a new VGA card … and price for that card (used) is very low 150 $ … and new 1070 hmm even crappy models have hefty price tag in EU like €459 … so I will say no and no need …

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Mark2K77 Exactly.

I considered selling the 970 SSC that EVGA gave me and then buy the 1070 just for the extra memory, but then I thought why bother? When I upgrade to the 1070/80 I will be going with a whole new system to make it all worth while.

This 970 has not had an issue with anything I play yet with all settings maxed… well have not tried GTA5 yet but you get the idea.

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I would not do it, unless you could get enough out of that 970 to only add $100 or less to get the 1070.

The 970 is still a perfectly good card. Only upgrade, if it is cost effective, otherwise you are just wasting your money.