GTX900 series goes Legacy.

NVidia just quietly shifted the GTX900 series of GPUs into its Legacy driver support area… not sure exactly what that means but I’d have to a ssume that future game support will be shit to nonexistent.

Considering they only just shifted the 600 & 700 series 2 months ago, I’d hazard a guess to say they have real issues with dx12 support moving forward & need to focus only on Pascal onwards.

Legacy GPUs are usually the ones that lose driver support. I’m laughing XD
Basically 980Ti won’t have driver support anymore. NVidia is beautiful XD

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This seems like a blow to people that just bought the 980s…

Seems par for the course with NVidia.


That seems soon.

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And AMD is still throwing driver updates for older GPUs like 7xxx.


To be clear. This means pretty much nothing as latest Drivers will still be released to support Maxwell cards. Just as 400 series card has been in this “legacy” page for a while but the current driver still supports it.

All this page is indicating is that the 900 series card is not a “current” generation card.

If you look at the 100, 200, and 300 series card, those are the real legacy cards as they do not have the latest driver supports. They are using 341.xx driver.

hint Previous Generation Products

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Sgt_T8ie no panic and no need to buy new GPU … you can find all drivers for any of nVidia series for any OS .,… every VGA card after new chip goes on market becomes legacy product … that is all


Mark2K77 cheers for the clarification. Just a bit confusing. I find designation of something as legacy as indicating is no longer supported, especially when NVidia definition is:
What is a Legacy GPU?
Legacy GPUs are older-generation NVIDIA GPUs which are no longer supported in the regular NVIDIA Unified UNIX Graphics Driver.

Will wait and see how NVidia support this.

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Sgt_T8ie hehe no panic nVidia supports 90 % of product range :slight_smile: with drivers for all current and past OS :slight_smile: for example nVidia 600 range product still have and will be supported with drivers, so if you check nVidia driver download site; you will see that 400/600/700/900 series support exist for Windows 7/8/8.1 and of course Windows 10 … And also most important thing is that most of current games get optimization in drivers for older legacy products like 400/600/700 series …

even old VGA like 8xxx and 9xxx series have drivers for latest OS like windows 10