Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire - Expansion Announcement

Looks prettyyyyyyyy

Comes way too late and will cost like a FULL PRICE GAME, yet its just an ADD-on … The Base game was nice, but with first ADD-ON it died quickly … wich was a single Map for the Full Price… and they are constantly rebalancing the classes … because they broke the skill tree a few years ago.

meffflenn Heart of thorns had 4 maps, chief.

meffflenn Add-on? That’s a pretty damn huge add-on then. 4 new open world maps, new storyline, new Living Season 3 storyline, new PvP maps and modes, new profession, new mastery system and a new raid. They are rebalancing the classes to make the PvP fresh. And all that costed 29.99.

And Path of Fire will also cost 29.99.

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katsuo Nope Full price … just head to their website and try to select Standard … but Standard doesn´t come with a free Caracterslot or other things you would expect from any other ADD ON. But you can always get the the Ultimate Version for 79.99 Euros :wink:

And not a single new Dungeon for smaller parties, GW2 still has only the 8 Dungeons from the BASE GAME…

katsuo they are indeed both 29.99 for the standard versions.