Happy birthday Sami!!!

Do not say no to my gift

Thank you papi i didnt refuse cuz i love you :panda_face:


sve najbolje brko :smiley:

Also thanks to my Canadian bro Dave aka MyLifeForAiur for all the DLCs for Arma 3 :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy birthday dude!

Sretan rođendan brko. :smiley:

Zmajuga Hvala Adnan_Popara Hvala opet hahaha

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Sir_diealot Thank you bro :smiley:

Happy birthday Sami! Hope your day is filled with gaming goodness.


ArsonSami said in Happy birthday Sami!!!:

Sir_diealot Thank you bro :smiley:

You’re very welcome.

Gutter Thank you very much bro :smiley:

Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

MeFFFlenn Thanks bro ! :smiley:

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Sami I hope you have a great day today! Happy Birthday!

Polekatt Thank you my friend :smiley:

Happy birthday bro :wink:
Hope you had a great day!
Sorry that I’m so late but Germany and Italia doesn’t want to stop playing tonight.


PeaceLeon You are not late bro :smiley: Thank you very much I appreciate it bro ! :smiley:


Happy Bday bro :slight_smile: My internet was actually down most of the times today and completely down yesterday :frowning:
Tried loading Gaming Exodus but it didnt show me the new comments and didn’t allow me to reply due to damn slow connection :frowning: but I wished you on Facebook early than here :smiley:

I missed your birthday, sorry but I did have a drink for you.
I hope it was all you wanted and more.

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Ub6 Thank you bro :smiley: