Happy Father's Day!

To all you fathers out there.

Who’s your favorite video game dad?

Homer Simpson!

Eli from Half life 2 or Kenny from The Walking Dead but on the other hand my padre es umero nuo

ShiftySatchmo damn you, beat me to it. We do this every year! Max Payne of course

Does he have to be originating from a video game? My answer would be Goku from Dragon ball. Originally from a Manga but he has been in a few video games over the years. If you aren’t accepting that as an answer I’ll go with Big Boss from the Metal Gear franchise. His kids are technically clones of himself though so if you aren’t counting that either then I guess Your characters dad from Fallout 3.

Mine is Bowser

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Oh yeah, every year I say Sully from Uncharted bc he raised Drake and all

Regis Lucis Caelum

Darth Vader? Handsome Jack? Corvo Attano? Emperor Arcturus Mengs? :smiley:

Harry Mason, Silent Hill, best father ever. :thumbsup_tone1:

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Octodad :wink: