Happy New Year 2017!!

i am going to my friends place to enjoy the 31st night together…and i dont think i will be sober enough to wish you guys on time :stuck_out_tongue: so i was thinking i should wish you guys properly right now :stuck_out_tongue:

well i asked how was your 2k16…and now i am gonna share mine :3

well its not that good after all…after my break up with my ex i am still trying hard to move on from 2015…but still its not working…and the worst thing about 2k16 was my ex got engaged so yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

and another thing is after the break up i totally lost my path…dropped many semesters from university all my friends are getting married or doing MBA or getting Jobs while i still didn’t finished my BBA…so its not that much of a good year…

Well only good and best achievement of 2k16 was winning the giveaway of PeaceLeon so i am gonna thank him for one last time :3

So another Year is almost near…So my goal is now for next year is to get over my ex properly also finish my BBA and get a job so that i can start giveaways like PeaceLeon so everyone please pray for me :slight_smile:

oh another thing is i have promised myself that i wont be buying any games till i get a decent processor and motherboard in 2017…hell even i have removed my steam wishlist so that you guys cant gift me anything :stuck_out_tongue: on your face ShiftySatchmo :stuck_out_tongue:

last but not the least Katsuo you suck !! xD

Happy New Year Everyone :slight_smile:

Happy new year my friend and good luck with your job. :wink:

Yes. The hate. HATE ME! And Happy New Year, crappy pants. Also, in 2 months, your ex will be ugly and she will look more like a Starbucks cup. Just because she got engaged. Trust me. You’ll be happy that you got rid of her. I know my ex gfs were in somewhat good condition when I left them. Now they are like a monster truck with farting decals slapped on their faces. Especially the one that got married not so long ago. I’m so sexier than them right now. You’ll feel the same way in 2 months.


Katsuo LOL

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You can stop me from giving gifts! I memorized your wishlist and everything XD

My advice is if a breakup messed up your schooling that badly, you should avoid dating until you graduate.


Katsuo Well, atleast your ex’s didn’t all have heart attacks after you broke up… or in case of my sons mother, kick the bucket at 25 years old! Talk about break up curses…

Guten Rutsch!!!

ty guys…:3

back home…barely can see though :3