Hello Everyone [Read it only if you have some time to kill]

Hello Everyone…How you guys doing…i wanted to say you guys something for last couple of days…but i wasnt sure it will be appropriate or not…
Unlike everyone else here i live in a third world country where life is not easy…to do a proper job you will have to at least finish your graduation…(honors degree) only then you will be getting respectable jobs even though your chances are pretty low getting any.
meanwhile i supposed to finish my graduation back in 2014…but still couldn’t. Because had some issue with my ex…had some super rough years…but i am over her now…tbh gaming helped me a lot to get over her…so i guess finally i am coming back to life…my family have been super supportive with me mantally and financially…but lately we are having financial problem so i was thinking i should do something on my own…to earn at least my pocket money
But thats not possible cz from morning to evening almost everyday i have to stay in university and when i came back at night i dont have any energy left to do anything…tried some part time jobs but didnt work that well…
So i have been thinking lots of people here from all over the world…so by any chance anybody here can help me out to find a job or something like freelancing or anything close to that…?..so that i can do it after i got back home

I know its a long shot but still just saying…
Thats all i guess… sorry for killing your time like that :3

Unfortunately I can’t think of anything, but what type of work are you looking for?


anything online based like article writing etc etc…so that i can do it when i am in my home …

Depends on what you call “pocket money”. For me, pocket money is $7000. XD

Anyway, there are a few ways for you to earn money.
First, earning money through “pay to click” system. Basically all you have to do is to click advertisements and get small amount of money. That system is extremely long and crappy and it can take you up to 6 months (maybe even more) just to start earning $10/month. But well, it’s something. The most popular pay to click site is http://www.clixsense.com/en/View_Ads
All you have to do is to register and click through the ads they are providing. I’ve done that, earned a couple of bucks and in time I realized it’s not worth. But you may try if you want.

Second way to earn money through net is coding. Precisely HTML and CSS. You can literally earn a crap ton of money through that way. One of the most popular sites to earn money by coding is Fiverr. Fiverr isn’t just a site where you can earn through coding. You can earn money by making songs for people, making logos for people, photoshopping stuff for people, writing articles for people and you can even record a video how you are an idiot and some people might buy that. I’m earning money through Fiverr but not much since I’m still young in HTML world and I’m working with my friend but I earn around $50 per month (sometimes nothing). When I learn how to code properly, I will most likely earn more money than this world can handle and I’ll dominate your lives 100%.
If you don’t know how to code, https://www.codecademy.com/learn is your friend. You can easily learn how to HTML/CSS in a month.
Of course, you can also learn a few more stuff in programming like C# or Java or C++ or PHP but that will devour your life and you won’t earn nothing in 2017 because you’ll be busy studying that. <---- me

If I come up with something more, I’ll write here.


Katsuo my pocket money is around 50 usd :3

anyway thats a lot of stuff…millions of thnx man…i will check that click ads site…i heard that too its not worth the time…but still i am gonna do it…as you said its better than nothing…
and i have absolutely zero idea about HTML and CSS…but i have close friend who is computer engineer and she knows those stuff…i think i can learn from her before going for Fiverr…

thnx again man … i will definitely let u know

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DANTE Good luck! You’ll need it haha

I have no idea what you could do from home, but I wish you luck!

my wife, she cleans houses for people, for pocket money.