Help in finding lost games - R.U.S.E and Mythical warriors

Hi GX,

Here i am after a long time again seeking your help.

R.U.S.E was an RTS game, trying to buy it legit but alas it was removed from steam.

Any from where one can buy?

Ps - my brother loved this game a lot, wanna gift so he can let me play on his PS4 pro.

Another title i am seeking - Mythical warriors

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It was published by Ubisoft so try Uplay.

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If you can’t find them on any platform, just pirate. It’s not theft if it doesn’t exist.

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It’s available in murica

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Only on pirate. Ubisoft won’t renew licences used in game so it won’t be on sale anymore.

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Well tried ubisoft site, page wont load for ruse nor g2a or other sites have it.
Oh well then have to sneak in to play on ps4 Or by trading my pc with ruse with ps4 game( last of us)
Add me on psn if you want…id - hersharan


As it was removed from steam… will it be added to steam or playeable?

As long as you have a valid key it will work.

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I loved RUSE, played a lot with my brother online and lan but Ubisoft stopped supporting it. We had a CD version but even with that you cant play online anymore and you cant buy it. Shame.

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Thanks guys, well downloaded the pirated ones.