Help me name my new dog!

We have a new dog. He is part Boxer, part Lab retriever. His fur looks similar to a deer, golden and brown. He’s a rescue dog and we’re on day 2 of owning him. He’s a year old and is shy but warming up to us. Someone abandoned him and he was found wandering a country road all alone. We are excited to give him a good life. He joins my other two dogs. We have a German Shepherd named Trigger and a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix named Ammo.

I need help naming the new guy. He can have a name to go with Trigger and Ammo, like Gunner for instance. OR, a name that has to do with his situation, like Phoenix (rising from the ashes to start his new life). We have a big list going but nothing has quite stuck. Help me get creative. We prefer names with 2 syllables. If I pick a name you come up with, you win a surprise!

Gun related:
Barret, Wesson, Remy (though I know a dog named Remy)

Situation related:
Rocky, Nomad

I’ll try to think of more

Bazooka! I like it \o/

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I’ve said one on FB but these are better.

Neo (meaning New or Revived) This is my new favorite.

Kayle (Faithful dog in Hebrew)

Chance (as in got a 2nd one)

Truman (faithful one)

Titus (companion of Paul… look him up for more info)

Makas (an end, growing hope)

Kibou (Japanese for hope - kuh-bye-yoo)

Moutaqad (Arabic for belief and faith)

and last but not least on this list for now is…

Dillon (or any other spelling) (Irish for ray of hope)

A bit of a theme to my name choices, but it gives you some more ideas.

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Rex (means king as in the king is dead, long live the king) also pretty favourite dog name. :wink:

But if your other dogs are ammo and trigger, why not call this one Revolver?

I love dogs! I want to see a pic!

Especially, I love rescue dogs. All my dogs have been rescue dogs. :slight_smile:

As for the name, first thing that comes to mind is Hammer.

That would go with the whole gun parts theme. I also thought of Muzzle, Bolt, or Barrel, but I like Hammer best, personally.

If you want something completely different, my wife said she’d like to name a dog Rooster, but we’ve never had one that we felt fit that name.


You have a trigger and ammo but you need a “Hammer” to strike that primer. Then when it is time to walk him you can say “It’s Hammer’s time”


I’m going for “Kalli” as name sounds like and a bit associate with a word caliber. :wink:
“Bennu” - ancient Egyptian deity linked with the sun, creation, and rebirth. :smiley:

Deadpool or Deadshot. Accuracy counts dude.

We decided to name him Fluffy. Thanks for the suggestions guys!


On a serious note, we still haven’t picked a name yet. He’s a very special dog with a lot of mystery behind him because we didn’t have him as a pup, so everyday more and more of his personality is coming out. He sprinted super fast around the yard yesterday and up to that point he made it like he was slow and lazy. So maybe his name will be MYSTERIOOOOOOOOOO


In addition to my other suggestions in my other post, I’ll add one that just came to mind. No idea why it popped in, but when I read that about him sprinting around the yard, Sniper came into my mind as a name. :slight_smile:

Or you can just name him xXx_360n0Sc0p3_xXx


Polekatt Would love to see how other people react if you scream ‘Sniper’ loud in the park :wink:


Ummmm Ranger?

Walker, Texas Ranger?

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sYnCroSis slippy

Okay gun related names.





Frizzen (and it’s fun to say)

Ted Nugent (it had to be said)






Gadsden (as in the flag… look it up)


Gatlin(g optional)



Wandering a country road? Guns? Simples;


schlitty A but then we come full circle… as that movie was filmed where I often can be found… Hope BC.

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