Help: Steam Region/Store

Its been like only two Months, My Country Has Steam Store. Before that when i wanted to gift something to my friends i used another account which steam store/region was global so that i can gift my friends. My main account’s steam region is russian because its cheap af there :3 thats why had to make another account for gifting friends.

Anyway now the problem is, after we have the “Bangladesh Steam Region” automatically my secondary account’s store changed ‘Global’ To ‘Bangladesh’. And now i cannot gift anyone from my secondary accounts either.

Christmas is nothing here but i still worked extra so that i can share my love with you guys for Christmas. So yeah can you guys tell me now what am i supposed to do? cause i already recharged steam wallet on that account. any kind of help is really appreciable i am lost here :expressionless:

dante can you use the steam wallet money to gift your other account steam wallet money?

shiftysatchmo afaik steam wallet money cannot be gifted


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katsuo kk lemme check

katsuo yeah from here you can gift wallet codes to your friends from your credit card/visa etc. not from your steam wallet…