HELP! #steam

Hello, can someone lend me a $5 code for steam? I have account with $6 and i will redirect to your paypal account. I am asking because here in my country, paypal don’t care about us.

snj12341 who are you?

p3ssimist_gΛming :grinning: hello, I’m Sanjay Nhisutu. Came from GT.

snj12341 aaaaaaahhh sorry the 12341 made me think of some random person. lol


p3ssimist_gΛming No problem, it happens

I don’t mind helping just need to wait till tomorrow. Spent so much few days everything since Thursday still pending lol. but ya if that’s ok with you early morning tomorrow.

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p3ssimist_gΛming Haha I only need $0.26 now, sold all my cards and stuffs