I like walking/hiking. I would say just hiking but I live in more of a city these days but I go for a walk at least 5 days a week weather permitting. Sidewalks aren’t quite as fun as trails and woods but I like the Sun and not staring at a screen for a bit. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Speaking of screens, I like TV and movies as much as the next fella! Plenty of time there.

One of my “nerdier” hobbies that I haven’t messed with in too long is I still have all my LEGOs and enjoy snapping some plastic building toys together on occasion. They made me the do-it-yourselfer I am today and still my favorite medium to work with.

What are some things that keep you busy outside of video games?

I used to play drums but since the country is really in a bad shape, we lost a lot of good places to actually have a rehearsal with the band. So we stopped with the music.
Believe it or not, my current hobby is to fight with my ex gf on a daily basis. Basically every day at 4PM, we have a arguing session. I kinda like doing that, so there’s that XD
Oh and yeah, I really like walking and riding the bicycle. For some reason I really like getting tired haha


~I used to enjoy riding bikes but haven’t done it in ages. I am actually saving up to get one for next year hopefully :smiley: I also do enjoy a nice walk in the morning and evenings when it is nice and quiet out.


Fishing and camping are 2 of my biggest hobbies I enjoy the most. Followed closely by Disc Golf. Growing up I did a lot of hobby mechanic type things, rebuilding classic cars or fixing friends cheap or free. I just love being outdoors.


I read stuff, play games work stuff and have a boring life with my cats and doges. XD


I’ve not had a lot of free time this year, and what free time I get, I usually game on my PC.

But when I do have time-

I really like being outdoors. hiking, walking, whatever. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I’d just rather be outside than inside. And in the mountains. I hate hot weather, anything over 80 degrees and I’m miserable. I am blessed with 5 acres of woods, my parents are adjoining with 7 acres, and me and my dad built our own walking/hiking trail through it. My gaming room has a huge wall of french doors and glass so I pretty much feel like I am outdoors when I am at my pc. I even floodlight it after dark.

I like reading, mainly fantasy or suspense fiction. I love dogs. I play the piano. I love watching NFL football. I like disc golf also, Only0neKnight but I don’t really play much anymore because it hurts my wrist.


Fortunately I use my kids as an excuse to play with LEGO and secretly love it too.
As for hobbies, I have started a new one , which is a little woodwork using old pallets. Building furniture for my PC “office” and then good looking pieces for the family (Dining table, beside tables & coffee table… Maybe a new bed base). Winter has paused this project due to a lack of a suitable dry location to sand the work for final finishing.

I also love to tinker with electronics when possible. In the past I have replace cracked screens & digitizers for phones, tablets and pulling laptops apart.

Entertaining kids is the most frequent hobby.


I’m spending most of my spare time doing domestic duties- kids & DIY around home… unfortunately I’m not very handy so everything takes much longer than I anticipate.

Any spare “me” time I have is spent either reading, my public library has a decent graphic novel section so currently I’m reading 2/3 a week catching up on various reboots & reimaginings, or gaming.

If I had the time I’d be tinkering more with broken electronics, I actually have a PC mod I want to do, but lack of time & usable money means that the base materials are just sitting in my garage.


Trainsmash old pallet wood is awesome! I have a stack of it under my carport. I get them and take them home every time they come in here at work, because they just get thrown away. Take them apart, and yes it takes some effort, but you end up with free 2x4’s and 1x4’s. I’m currently trying to build my dog a new house out of them, and a shipping box that I salvaged from a jewelry store that was throwing it away. :wink:


Polekatt Great idea. Sanding them smooth is the tedious part, but it gives a great look (eye of beholder stuff) with a light stain and varnish. Besides it is recycling. The final project is building a play house for kids (lots of sanding to prevent injury), however kids may be married with kids by then. They 5 & 2 now.


I am a Amateur “Ham” Radio Operator holding an Extra Class license which is the highest you can achieve, though my equipment took a lightning strike a few years ago and I have not been able to replace it.

I also enjoy hunting and fishing and have started walking quite a bit, managed either 2.4 or 2.8 miles last weekend and would like to try again on Sunday if the weather is decent.

I also collect movies though with my trip coming up that has slowed down quite a bit as I need as much money for that as possible.

I also collect sports cards, football and hockey mostly, here are some links to some of those collections.