Humble Jumbo Bundle is up!

Vermintide, Jotun and Verdun so cheehep

Jumbo Bundles are always good ones! Kinda “rude” to the Monthly subscribers to have End Times in a regular bundle so soon.


schlitty Haha they’ve put Vermintide in a regular bundle few weeks ago. I think it was a week after the vermintide monthly. It was “rude” before hahaha

I’d get it just for Verdun but ill skip it as always XD

Oh my god… Verdun!!! On the good side, it’s 13 days left, so I should be able to get it before then, all I have to do is ask a day or two pay in advance (leaving in two-three days for work) Bad news is that gaming will be scarce to come by for the coming 7-8 months. FML.

Katsuo I don’t remember seeing it but yeah, they did it with Grim Dawn in a Weekly right after a Monthly too. But that was at least top tier.