Humble Sierra Bundle is up!

yeah baby Ford Sierra !!!

Katsuo Cosworth RS

Sgt_T8ie said in Humble Sierra Bundle is up!:

Cosworth RS

Hate 'em both XD

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:stuck_out_tongue: I’m a child of the 80’s… the Sierra RS was the stuff of dreams for the boy I was back then. Then in the 90’s Mitsi brought us the EVO, and Nissan the GT-R Godzilla, my teenage fantasies. Closest I got was a s13 Silvia Q…

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Sgt_T8ie And I’m a child of a car mechanic. A bad engine is a bad car IMO. That’s why I dislike Ford and adore Honda xD

This is what I plan on buying after I get bored of my Civic!
S2000 is a car that can outrun even a Lambo. I’m like these Japanese dudes from the movie Tokyo Drift where the best car is a RWD car.


Katsuo I have nothing bad to say about Honda’s. My very first was a 1974 Civic manual. In Honda yellow. It was nicknamed Thunderbird 4 by me… and the Yellow Peril by my friends.


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Sgt_T8ie wow. Ummm I want it? What happenned to the car? Don’t tell me that you sold it for a can of beer because you thought that’s more metal than Metallica and Slayer combined.

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Katsuo I wish my car looked as good as that one! It rusted out, & I got rid of it about 18 years ago. Sold it to a guy who abandoned it out in the countryside doing burnouts. He hadn’t filed the change in papers so the police came looking for me. Had to go to the Police station to get the keys & fill out a report, before recollecting it - was effectively being questioned with them looking to charge me over the guy doing illegal racing etc. Drove it back into the city on next to no clutch or brakes. Called a scrap dealer & he took it away.