I am getting Married Guys !!!

Yah Finally its happening :3

16th December i am starting a new life guys. Wish me luck and Pray for me so that i can have a finally stable and better life. oh and you guys are invited ofc <3

Edited: I would so love to see your faces on my wedding cause over the years all of you made me happy while i was extremely down. no on the biggest day of my life cant wait to see you all. please come


Congrats :smiley:

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Another fallen soldier!


Jk, congrats dude! Now go make 79 babies. You got this!


Congratulations!!! I wish all the best for you two!

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What a stud!

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69 sounds better XD

Congrats man!

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Congrats! Wish you two all the best!

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i got my first wedding gift from @ShiftySatchmo yaaaay!!!

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Congrats! Soon as my fiancee’s divorce goes through im right behind you on this as well!


69 Best Number.

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