I am off on an adventure!

Or not. Today I am leaving for Leukada to work for the summer, like I mentioned in an earlier topic of mine. I don’t know when I will be back, but I will be checking here from time to time to catch up with you guys. I will keep you updated!

Regarding my channel, I will try to upload something, but it will be vlog like videos for a while I am afraid. I have a couple of videos ready and will be published in the coming weeks, so hopefully you will enjoy them till I get back to creating some more. Maybe I will be able to get a laptop (doubtful, the money won’t be enough) to work on something there, otherwise no video editing or gaming for quite some time! But still, I am off to work guys! Wish me luck.

Have a good one! Love ya all.

Good luck!

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Good luck! Hope it’s good times

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Good luck man!

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Alex I miss you already.

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Bye buddy, have fun!

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Thanks for all the comment guys!


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Good luck hope everything works out for you!

best of luck, hope everything goes well!!!

All the luck to you man. See you on the flip side :slight_smile: