I guess I will take time off..


15 minutes from home on the way to work and someone decides they don’t need to stop.
The truck is a write off, frame bent. I forgot to take a picture of the side, but it is a U shape going up. I am sore as heck now, but hey… got to ride in an ambulance for the first time. Yeesh.

Edited to add, side pic for depth of penetration (thats what she said).


Glad you’re mostly ok!


Just happy it was not worse and your alright!


Ouch. Heal up soon!


Hope you feel better soon I don’t even remember my first ambulance ride hahaha


glad that you are ok! vehicles can be replaced easier than people!


My clone disagrees


Thanks everybody.


Car accidents suck. Glad you didn’t die.


Damn. I’m glad you’re OK.