I have to go away.

Constant bickering. Constant everything. I can’t do this anymore. I am quitting all kind of social media for a while, except Facebook for personal/family contacts and my YouTube Channel, once and IF I revive it. I love you all to the death. But I can’t go around getting finger-pointed, being called all sorts of things, being called out, being threatened in some cases (that’s how it feels at least) or being judged for doing what I feel is best

I still love GTribe; its community. I also love Gaming Exodus. But some people have told me that I can’t be here and there. Only in one place. I am not saying this is the official statement of course. I have refused to send any e-mail anywhere. I am not hiding behind anything. Yes, I am guilty of being here, if that is a sin; I don’t mind saying this and in fact I WANT to be here. To me, it’s a gaming community between friends and hopefully it will grow, not the anti-GTribe. I also want to be in GTribe. But if I am going to have second thoughts or fear that someone will say something every time I log somewhere to spend what little free time I have enjoyably; in fact, I don’t have much time left anyways. Every day I am stressed out to the teeth. I can’t come online and feel even more stressed out because of whatever reason.

So I am taking a break. Hopefully it will be a short one. And I will make it perfectly clear right now: if I return, I will return to Gaming Exodus AND Gaming Tribe. Whether I will stay anywhere will be up to the community there.

Also, I will NEVER stop talking to my friends; just add me on Steam or on Facebook and we will stay in touch if you want. And I will continue sharing. And I WILL continue helping each and every one of you personally if you ask and want me to. I really want to help you. But right now, I HAVE to help myself. The doctor said so himself. If I don’t start relaxing, things will grow really bad, really fast.

I am sorry if this sounds like I am leaving you. I really am not. I love you all. You have no idea how much you all mean to me. I want to be back soon.

I am sorry.


Don’t worry mate and do what you feel like doing… and i hope people stop talking shit about you because you never said anything bad about anyone and you never licked anyone elses ass like some people do! BE PROUD AND BE YOURSELF BRO and where you feel better stay :smiley:

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Youre 100% in your right to follow your own path.
But no one should tell you that you can’t be here and there! You’re free to go where you like.

Hope you’ll take it easy and be good!


You’re health is what is most important, take care of yourself bud and we will be here when you get back. (In my case I will be in both places)

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Alex Not an official statement, but Erwin just said that to me and unfriended my on Steam and Gtribe. No comment

Your own health and well-being comes first, Alex. We’re going nowhere, whenever you decide to come back, we’ll be here. And like I said, if you need someone to talk to, I’m here. Take care my friend, I sincerely hope things start going your way.

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ButtStallion said in I have to go away.:

Alex Not an official statement, but Erwin just said that to me and unfriended my on Steam and Gtribe. No comment

That’s wierd, a couple days ago erwin added me on fb lol

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Alex, I think you are a good person and I hope your time away is short.

I am not sure of how to find you on steam, and it will be later tonight when I get home from work before I can add you. But I would like to!

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Got you on Steam so Ill be there for you snd on FB I believe. Take care of yourself bud. We are all here for ya. If you got TS install feel free come in. No need to jump on any network for that. Hope all well for you and health situation.

Hopefully nobody on here said that garbage to you. Keep in touch!


I’ll fight anyone that was mean to you here. You’ll definitely be missed!


Take care Alex, but I’m warning you, you must be back or else. :smiley:

Hope to see ya soon but take the time you need

Alex You know that you will be back soon my brother :slight_smile: Go take some rest and come back. Because you will always stay in my thoughts. Everybody will.
and most of the things you said that is same with me too. I love GTribe and Gaming Exodus too. Because both are my friends place more than gaming :slight_smile: and it is what matters more to me than anything else. Friends and Family. I never mind what others say but I still keep doing my job and loving them more. You inspire me in doing that strongly now :slight_smile: Thanks for your friendship Alex. Thanks a lot.
Be back soon. :slight_smile: <3